About Us

Mission Statement
To research, develop, design and sell health and wellness products backed by science that restore and activate the body’s natural abilities of movement and power.


  Spencer Yamada, Inventor & Founder

I suffered from chronically bad feet all my life. I was lucky because my parents could afford to try every known solution: orthotics, massage, and physical therapy. I had an athletic lifestyle; however, just like others with bad feet, chronic pain issues developed in feet, ankles, knees, hips, and back despite all these treatments.

After studying research out of the Spaulding National Running Center at Harvard University, I discovered that the arch of the foot functions as a foundation for the rest of the body. For the arch to function properly, it needs its intrinsic muscles to be strong and active. When these muscles are weak or inactive, it creates a domino of dysfunction through the ankles, knees, hip, and lower back.

I then spent two years developing the only device in the world (patent-pending) that focuses on the intrinsic muscles in the foot: After building a proto-type and spending 5 minutes a day for two weeks – my “bad feet” issues were nearly all corrected!

Dan Cranney, Marketing & Technology

I have been a bio-tech product manager and tech entrepreneur. The last 10 years I spent developing a mixed-use island resort in the Caribbean. I know about bad feet because two of my children have issues. My 15 year old daughter started on custom orthotics at the age of 5. After I discovered The FootCore MAX, she used it for 11 days the pain issues were nearly all corrected. I was impressed! I got involved in this technology venture because I think so many people suffer from foot pain and get a lot of bad/expensive advice.