Q: What is the FootCore MAX?

A: It is a technical exercise device based on a lot of research that has been designed to isolate, strengthen and restore the intrinsic muscles in your feet.

Q: Can the FootCore MAX really raise the arches on my feet?

A: Yes. In independent studies, individuals with flat feet after doing the FootCore exercise the medial longitudinal arch will raise in height.

Q: When will this product be available?

A: We will be taking pre-orders on Kickstarter and can ship and deliver before the end of the year.

Q: Why would this be better than using orthotics?

A: Orthotics can be useful for short-term fixes. But what researchers are discovering is that orthotics make the foot dependent on them which accelerates the deterioration and weakening of your muscles and joints. Orthotics literally hold your foot in a certain shape when your body has natural processes to do this function. If the orthotic is doing all the work, the intrinsic muscles will become inactive and shrink in size and limit many athletic benefits of what intrinsic muscles were meant to do.

Q: Would this help my shin splints, ankles, tendonitis, knees, back and hips?

A: Yes, see the clinical research. Always check with a medical professional if you have any kind of serious issues or injuries but activating intrinsic muscles in your feet have wide ranging benefits all over the body.

Q: Will The FootCore MAX fit me?

A: The device comes with two screws that can be adjusted to fit almost any size foot.

Q: How do I use The FootCore MAX?

A: See our forthcoming YouTube channel for demonstrations. It takes a bit of practice to have your muscles and your brain work together to fire these intrinsic muscles. The main idea is to move the paddles without curling or flexing your toes.

Q: How long do I need to use the FootCore MAX for?

A: Just like any exercise, the benefits will come as you stay consistent. Since the muscles are very small, it is important not to do the exercise more than a few minutes each session.

Q: Can I carry it when I travel or go to the gym?

A: Yes, it is designed to be portable.

Q: Is it safe to use?

A: Yes, but as with any exercise, check with your physician if you have any outstanding medical conditions.

Q: Is The FootCore MAX available to purchase in retail stores?

A: No, not yet.