The Science of the FootCore MAX

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Why does everyone's feet hurt?  

81% of Americans have foot pain every year and 26% of Americans have flat feet.

Something is wrong and we want to fix it. The foot alone contains 30 joints, 28 bones, and over 100 muscles and ligaments. It is the most complicated part of your body’s muscular-skeletal system. Foot pain is a result of small muscles you probably didn't even know existed called intrinsic muscles that have become weak or inactive. Our modern lifestyles and comfy shoes have made our feet lazy, so when we try to be active, the bones are not aligned properly and pain inevitably follows.   

The FootCore MAX Solves the Real Problem
The FootCore MAX is an exercise device for the muscles deep inside of your foot responsible for holding your arch up and activating your kinetic chain. It re-teaches your foot its natural motion so it can do its job without causing you pain, soreness, or swelling. 

It is a basic idea: if pain in your foot comes from weakness inside your foot, the solution is to strengthen your foot.

Key Concepts to Know

  • Intrinsic Muscles

    Intrinsic muslces are small but vital to your body. They are responsible for providing support to your joints and making sure the bones are aligned properly. They are like the engine oil for your skeleton.
  • Kinetic Chain

    The Kinetic Chain is a system of joints that are supposed to work together to hold your weight and help you move smoothly. It starts in the arch of your foot and runs through your leg to your lower back.
  • Compensation

    When the kinetic chain has a weak link due to injury or weakness, the other links will step in and give extra support while the damaged portion can heal.
  • Overuse Injury

    When the kinetic chain compensates for a weak link for too long, other joints become damaged, swollen, and stiff because they are doing too much work. Common overuse injuries incliude plantar fasciits, tendonitis, shin splints, runner's knee, ITB syndrome, hip inflamation and even back pain.
  • Flat Feet

    Flat feet is a condition where weak intrinsic muscles inside the arch of the foot allow the foot to become deformed when pressure is applied. As the base of the kinetic chain, weak instrinsic muscles inside the foot can cause problems for all the other joints in the lower body.


The Science of the FootCore MAX

The best benefits

Target Intrinsic Muscles

The FootCore MAX forces your foot to specifically reactivate the right muscles to strengthen your arch in exactly the right way. The muscles are deep inside of your foot and can't be easily activated without the FootCore MAX.

Painless, Affordable and Simple

The FootCore MAX is cheaper than custom orthotics or a pair of fancy shoes. You need to use it for a few minutes every day and your feet will feel stronger and more stable so you can get out and live your life.

Your Feet Don't Need Support, They Need Strength

Traditional aproaches to dealing with foot pain ignore the need to strengthen the foot. Orthotics, braces, supportive shoes, and taping have a time and place but they are not desinged to be long-term solutions.

A Long-Term Aproach to Foot Pain

Many individuals do not find using the FootCore MAX easy to use at first. That is because you do not have active intrinsic muscles in your foot and you need to practice!